Angkor Wat Entrance Causeway (APSARA and Sophia University):

With regard to structural consolidation, the ad hoc group of experts requires more information in order to assess the initial proposals made by the team in charge of the project. In addition, it seems that no monitoring of possible deformations of the structure and its foundation is currently being done.

Recommends, therefore:

a. that geotechnical studies be done on the soil footing of the causeway;

b. that the foundation footing proposed in concrete be defined;

c. that, for the consolidation of elevated structures, the approach that will ultimately be adopted, be spelled out;

d. that, in terms of appearance, in liaison with the ad hoc group of experts, the treatment to be adopted for the causeway surface also be made clear and, for the elevation overlooking the southern moat, that the readability of the evidence of previous interventions be maintained;

e. that, to address issues involving crowds of visitors, a one-way flow be implemented for exiting Angkor Wat by the eastern causeway, pending studies on implementation of the TMP to come up with a final itinerary to ensure better conservation of the structure;

f. that the planned work involving the causeway-dike and the steps of the western embankment provide an opportunity to have the dismantling of masonry work required to ensure structural consolidation be accompanied by in-depth archaeological investigations to better clarify the possible phasing in of the original construction of these two structures.