Ta Prohm:

1 Provisional arrangements in front of the west gate (APSARA):

a. Recognizes that the principle of the bypass road is good, as it was previously recommended in the initial site management plan (UNESCO ZEMP) to avoid a steady flow of traffic at the western gate.

b. Recalls nevertheless that it is important to follow the procedures for the submission of projects prior to their implementation, in particular in accordance with the principles defined in the Angkor Charter. Concerning this project implemented by the APSARA National Authority, the ad hoc group of experts expresses its concern. At this point, the recent road work has had a destructive impact on the archaeological potential, of which the value was revealed in the LiDAR document recently disseminated.

c. Recommends:

i. That an extensive archaeological study be carried out before any decision concerning the final location of the future visitor intake area and any other development in this zone.

ii. That the landscaping work (green spaces, trees, etc.) be finalized.

2. Treatment of the southern gate and its vicinity (APSARA):

e. Appreciates the efforts made by the ASI team to improve the visitor traffic flow in Ta Prohm, in particular by putting in an exit at the southern gate.

f. Expresses its gratitude to the government of India for agreeing to make funding available for a special restoration program for the southern gate and its vicinity.

g. Notes, however, that this exit space is unfortunately being used for of spontaneous, unlicensed vendor activities which are negatively impacting the look of the site and interfering with the flow of traffic.

h. Recommends that excavation work be undertaken as soon as possible in front of the southern gate in particular to evaluate the archaeological potential in order to make the final choice for the location of the visitor intake space, either at the western gate or southern gate.

i. In any case, the final visitor intake project on the location finally selected for it, must be based on in-depth studies taking into consideration all parameters (archeology, traffic, landscape, environmental balance and selling activities) and conducted in a timely manner in order to be considered by the ad hoc group of experts prior to submission to the ICC-Angkor.