Mebon work site on Western Baray(APSARA-EFEO):

1. With regard to consolidation work:

a. Notes that earthmoving prior to the soil consolidation work on the steps have unearthed a brick slab at the bottom. This discovery will require reconsideration of the technical and financial operating conditions of the project.

b. Notes the value of the prototype for carrying out the structural consolidation.

c. Recommends that the technical file be adjusted in the light of this discovery with analysis of the various proposed solutions and their technical and economic implications applicable on the four sides of the monument.

d. Draws attention to the importance of the discovery of a 17-step laterite embankment on the outer face of the island and the presence of the remains of a wooden on the southern bank of the baray, requiring analysis of the origin and date.

2. With regard to the hydraulic works:

a. Congratulates Dr. Hang Peou and his team for completion of the hydraulic component of the project as well as for the recent work undertaken to address flooding risks.

b. Recommends therefore that the APSARA National Authority have control over operation of the sluice gates on the Western Baray in order to ensure sustainable management of the water levels and overall safety of the structure, as well as of the downstream areas.

c. Records with interest the suggestion made by Dr. Hang Peou to reuse part of the soil of the provisional cofferdam when it is removed, to strengthen the peripheral embankment on the northern, southern and western sides of the island and to ensure more effective protection of the monument against erosion by waves.

3. With regard to project coordination:

a. Recalls the interconnection between the hydraulic and monumental components of the project and expresses its satisfaction with the good coordination observed in its implementation.