Takeo conservation operations (CSA):

a. Expresses its satisfaction with the monitoring being conducted throughout the temple in order to better diagnose patterns of possible structural damage;

b. Notes the encouraging progress of consolidation and restoration work on various parts of the monument that were pointed out during previous visits;

c. Recommends that the program for the conservation of decorations carved in stone be pursued as much as possible, in accordance with the principles of the Angkor Charter and in optimum technical and financial conditions;

d. Encourages to this end the continuation of the fruitful cooperation engaged between the CACH team led by Prof. Hou Weidong and the GACP team led by Prof. Hans Leisen;

e. Suggests that the CACH undertake a study in liaison with the APSARA National Authority on providing for main access to the monument using the historical road link to the east and highlighted on the ground by a double row of sandstone boundary markers, instead of the current very inconvenient side access from the south.