General Recommendations(Conservation):

The ICC-Angkor:

A. Training:

a. Expresses its satisfaction with the many training initiatives that the APSARA National Authority staff benefit from in the field with the technical teams working in the Angkor World Heritage Site;

b. Recommends that the APSARA National Authority provide a comprehensive picture of the existing skills among its personnel;

c. Recommends that the APSARA National Authority adopt a salary scale taking into account the skills levels of its personnel;

d. Encourages the APSARA National Authority to cooperate with the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts for the enhancement of the training of heritage professionals;

e. Recommends that the APSARA National Authority develop a training program based on an inventory of skills that will allow the adoption of a comprehensive long-term strategy. In this regard, it is suggested that an ad hoc preparation committee be established.

B. Archaeology:

Recommends that the APSARA National Authority identify, with the help of the Standing Scientific Secretariat and the ad hoc group of experts, the priorities for intervention on the World Heritage Site in terms of archaeological research, in accordance with the Recommendations of the 3rd Intergovernmental Conference on Angkor. In this way, a comprehensive strategy, based on a summary of the collected data and enabling analysis of what is known and what is not yet known, can be developed.