Angkor tourism management plan (TMP):

a. Congratulates the TMP Unit for its implementation of the first points recommended at the 21st plenary session, including the adoption of a “Visitor’s Code of Conduct,” the holding of regular meetings of the Tourism Industry Consultative Group, the setting up of monitoring teams in the temples and having the unit integrated in the Department of Tourism;

b. Recommends the immediate adoption and launching of the Visitor’s Code of Conduct submitted by the TMP Unit;

c. Reiterates, in order to ensure overall coherence of present and future initiatives, that these actions be made part of a mid-term strategy comprising clear purposes, a detailed action plan, an implementation timetable, the distribution of tasks within the TMP Unit and that they be promoted among the general public and private sector on the APSARA National Authority’s regularly updated website;

d. In view of ensuring the efficient operation of the TMP Unit, further recommends that additional training be given to APSARA staff in site management with the future integrated management of the main monuments on the World Heritage Site in mind. Such training programs, in addition to on-site training (at the Angkor Training Center) could be funded by international scholarships to enable APSARA personnel to get a degree abroad;