Angkor Wat Parvis:

a. Appreciates that operations have been suspended in order to adopt the experts’ recommendations, i.e. cut the approach area down from 15,000 to 5,000 square meters, reduce maximum heights from 15 meters to 7.75 meters, change the materials allowed in approach area buildings and ensure better coordination with the PGT Team;

b. Recommends that a detailed traffic flow plan throughout the entire park be drawn up quickly so as to determine the general traffic direction and to what extent thoroughfares need to be widened;

c. Recommends enlarging the current parking lot to the south in order to accommodate large buses;

d. Recommends that the visitor drop-off zone be moved to the approach area parking lot;
e. Recommends that the follow-up of architectural and environmental issues be carried out by a joint delegation of the ad hoc experts at the different stages, including the design stage, the final project and the actual work in order to monitor issues such as location of functional areas, green spaces, choice of materials, etc.;

f. Recommends that high-quality local arts and crafts be promoted in this highly symbolic place and that, in this regard, a handicraft itinerary in different park villages be looked into;