Phnom Bakheng:

Reminds the principle of minimal dismantling justified by the static situation of the structures, such as the section of the wall examined on the east side, second level, which can be consolidated without dismantling;

Acknowledges with satisfaction the implementation of an earlier recommendation regarding the collection and inventorying of different architectural or sculptured fragments scattered around the monument;

Notes the satisfactory result of the principle of reusing ancient, unidentifiable stones scattered around the monument and recommends that they be reused without cutting their original facing. Stones will thus conserve the marks made by cutting tools used at different historic construction and transformation of the monument;

Recommends along the same line that throughout these operations, all archaeological traces that come to light, such as cutting marks on the stone discovered on the southern face, be conserved and documented as much as possible;

Knowing that the current project only involves the central sandstone pyramid, ICC-Angkor reminds the urgent need to conserve the different peripheral brick towers and the need to set up as soon as possible a specific conservation program to achieve this.