Roluos site: Lolei, Preah Ko, Bakong:

Notes with pleasure the proper implementation of previous recommendations regarding Lolei temple and congratulates the APSARA National Authority team in charge of brick conservation for the quality of its work on the various Roluos sites.

With regard to the brick library on the side of Preah Ko temple, ICC-Angkor recommends that the existing wooden struts be removed from the upper part of the building. However, this work will require careful attention, given the instability of this superstructure. This will allow the final brick restoration to take place safely and progressively;

On the western façade entrance door of this library, ICC-Angkor recommends that the brick sections above the door be reassembled in order to provide for better rainwater evacuation outside the building;

For Bakong Tower 8 from which a sculptured lintel collapsed some years ago, ICC-Angkor supports the principle put forward that this lintel be put back in its place, as it has now been properly restored. For the additional consolidation work needed to do so, ICC-Angkor requests the team in charge to submit in due time a proposal of how this will be done, including detailed sketches, for the advisement of the ad hoc group of experts.