25TS.13 22PS


Run Ta Ek Ecovillage:

Appreciates the good maintenance of the Tani Ceramics Museum and recommends that its museology be adapted to new publics, in particular making it more attractive for a young public;

Takes note of the ongoing challenge faced by the APSARA National Authority to support and maintain this unique ecovillage since its establishment;

Recommends strongly before implementing any new agricultural production projects that a thorough diagnosis of the soil quality, its depth and stratification 3 m down, as well as surface and underground water circulation. This has to be done at the scale of the whole area concerned on the basis of aerial photography or remote sensing images, in order to map soil conditions and its suitability for different uses planned for the land;

Recommends that the new ecovillage activities, leisure for international tourists in particular, should be brought to the attention of ICC-Angkor;

Recommends that any change in the ecovillage management policy should also be reported to the ICC-Angkor;
Recommends that any tourist activity in the ecovillage should be developed on the basis of statistics in order to contribute to the overall traffic plan being developed by the TMP Team;