25TS.3 22PS


Western Mebon:

The ad hoc group congratulates the project team for the good work it has done to carry out, manage and keep things moving on this ambitious restoration project.
The ad hoc group of experts particularly appreciated the good integration of new and ancient stones in the reconstruction of the different levels of steps surrounding the basin. Nevertheless, it again stresses the need to complete as soon as possible the inventory of dismantled or scattered stones, which is crucial for finalization of the project drawings.
This inventory will be particularly valuable for determining the reassembly approach for the structures at the corners of the perimeter wall, possibly different from each other architecturally.
The ad hoc experts group recalls the previous recommendation that it made to call upon experts specializing in conservation and restauration when working on the carved stone decorations on the different towers.
Finally, they approve the principle of extending the work area around the temple in order to facilitate completion of the stone inventory and temporary reassembling of different parts of the building as a prerequisite crucial for finalizing the anastylosis project.