25TS.5 22PS


Banteay Srei:

The ad hoc experts take note that initial work had been undertaken to implement the previous recommendations. A trench was thus recently put in parallel to the main axis of the temple between the first and second gopura but this trench was soon filled in with alluvium.

5.1 In order to ensure more efficient drainage, the ad hoc group of experts recommends that a drainage pipe with manholes be installed in the trench and connected to external outlets.

5.2 The uneven laterite block surface of the walkway into the sanctuary must be improved to make it easier for visitors, while keeping an eye on preserving the original paving stones. It is recommended for this operation that new laterite slabs be inserted in the hollowest areas, flush with the existing covering, while shallow spots or irregular hollows be filled with mixture of sand, clay and laterite powder.

5.3 In order to ensure absolutely the preservation of the precious inscriptions found on the sidewalls of the entrance gate of the second gopura, the ad hoc group of experts underscore the pressing need, as it previously recommended, that this entrance on the main axis be closed in order to direct tourists flows towards the two entrances on either side of the main axis. The stonework surrounding these side entrances is in some places dangerously leaning out and will therefore need limited dismantling and rebuilding interventions. The relevant execution studies were submitted during the visit and may be validated.

5.4 The perimeter walls of the temple have collapsed in a number of places. It was earlier recommended to recover the scattered stones right where these breaches occur in order to close them in, using limited anastylosis operations. The execution drawings for this project were submitted to the experts and may also be validated.

5.5 In order to control the water level in the perimeter moats at the central part of the temple, it appears necessary to put in an outlet pipe in the natural slope of the land. However, when this operation is undertaken, a local archaeological investigation would be in order, and this now seems urgent.

5.6 Regarding the location of the small lapidarium building to house smaller architectural remains originating from the site, the ad hoc experts reiterates its previous recommendation to set it up in a wooded area near the visitor intake center in order to limit its visual impact in the vicinity of the monument. The project is to be submitted in a timely manner to the ad hoc experts.