25TS.6 22PS


Preah Pithu Monument:

This project is part of a new cooperation arrangement between KOICA and the APSARA National Authority.

It is on a very sensitive location inside the Angkor Thom royal plaza, so the common procedure must be followed.

For this reason, the ad hoc experts group requests that a master plan be drawn up without fail and that it be made more precisely aware of the makeup of the project team. In the meantime, the ad hoc group underscores the special features of this site which combines cultural and natural heritage in a very picturesque way. The ad hoc group therefore makes the following recommendations:

6.1 Adopt the principle of minimum intervention by avoiding any excessive reconstruction of the monuments.

6.2 And therefore confine operations strictly to consolidation of these monument in their current state.

For construction of the information center and storage area required by the project, the ad hoc group asks that the draft project of the location and design of the new building be submitted to it well before any construction is undertaken on site.

This new project will necessarily include the relocation of existing shops on the site. This project must also take into account the developments planned for this sector in the overall master plan study for the Angkor Thom royal plaza.