25TS.8 22PS



Referring to the recommendations made during their previous visit, the ad hoc experts now express their satisfaction with the various points duly followed up on in those recommendations: Reuse of the old stones scattered around the monument, appearance of the stone facings where existing stones are mingled with reused stones, progress on a master plan for conservation of the perimeter brick towers, etc.

Regarding the sensitive issue of deciding to dismantle or not dismantle the façades on various levels of the pyramid, some of which are quite destabilized and leaning out, the ad hoc group of experts recognizes, in the light of the explanations given by the project managers, the technical difficulty involved in ensuring the stability of these features as they stand by simply putting in anchoring systems without a dismantling operation.

This is firstly due to the poor condition and varying configurations of the rock base which underlies these façades and the risks that would be run by simply consolidating these structures blindly, only from the outside. So the ad hoc group of experts subscribes to the proposal made by the project managers to make limited use of dismantling.

Overall, the ad hoc experts appreciate very much the quality and precision of the work done by the WMF management and working teams on this site, both for the upstream technical studies and the actual work done on the site.