25TS 22PS


General Recommendations:

a. Recommends again, for all operations in Angkor Park involving either conservation or development, that the team in charge submit the project file upstream to the appropriate levels for the advisement of the ad hoc experts, considering the complexity of the project in question, as stipulated in the Angkor Charter.

b. The ad hoc group of experts is concerned about the proliferation of advertising signs on the world heritage site itself, sometimes right next to major monuments, such as along the banks of Srah Srang. It therefore invites the APSARA National Authority to immediately take all necessary measures to have these signs taken down because they are incompatible with the overall harmony of the Angkor natural and monumental site.

c. As a general observation following the visit of various work sites, the ad hoc group of experts again invites the various teams to make an even greater effort to cut down wherever possible on the use of new stones on monument restoration work sites, keeping this to what is strictly necessary, always giving priority to conservation and the reuse of ancient original stones.