Preah Ko:

There is a concern about the traffic passing through the road in front of the monument. We recognize the necessity of better tourist management: in fact the visiting route on the main axis of the temple is not in good conservation conditions. We Ad hoc experts recommend:

1. That the boundary stone blocks be left as they are now along the eastern side of the existing road, in order to keep the space in front of the temple free from vehicles.

2. That a similar deviation of tourist flow as proposed in Bakong is needed to protect the stones at the central entrance. After proceeding along lateral walks, preferably made of wooden planks, visitors may be induced to walk on the principal axis to enjoy the frontal view of the facade.

3. That the large leaning blocks beside the entrance should be secured properly for the safety of visitors; furthermore, it is recommended to rise up the northern fallen pillar that we find on the ground.