Gate of the dead:

The gate suffers from serious damages, in particular the disconnection of the stones, partial collapses, and inclinations. The evaluation of the risk has been done on the basis of observation and a series of emergency measures were undertaken. Methods and material for this emergency intervention were decided not only against the risk but also for the sake of the cost in order to optimize the solution. In particular, reinforced concrete elements were introduced to guarantee durability and efficiency.
Even if in principle, the Charter of Angkor is prudent to accept this kind of material, prefabricated concrete elements may be restrictedly applied according to the cost-benefit evaluation. The use of concrete, bedsides particular aesthetical-visual aspects being taken into consideration, should strictly be limited to the temporary and reversible supports in place of wood. Furthermore, we are seriously worried about the negative effect caused by the clay inserted to close the cracks and openings together with bricks.

Seeing these issues, we Ad hoc experts recommend:

1. That it is necessary to make deep and appropriate analysis of the structural problems of the monument, which we had already recommended but not yet been carried out thus far.
2. That, after urgent and temporary measures being already installed, the real conservation work of this gate should be assigned immediately to proper professionals in the conservation team of APSARA National Authority with well-founded conservation and restoration project including the correction of defects above-mentioned.
3. The APSARA National Authority, to attain these points 1. and 2., should allocate not only sufficient financial, but also sufficient human resources in the field of conservation to safeguard this highly significant monument, now in serious danger.