Ceilings in churning of the sea of milk gallery:

In the light of the project progress report submitted by the World Monuments Fund and DCMA, the ad hoc group of experts:

1. Notes with satisfaction, based on viewing a new test panel, how the carving work is being fine-tuned, moving toward a less refined, more spontaneous execution, which follows much more closely the ancient model used as a reference.

2. Agrees with those in charge of the project regarding the value of a new prototype, to be displayed at the next plenary session.

3. Asks that a master plan for the ceiling project be developed quickly, so that the impact of irregularities in the outer stone ledge sections can be better assessed in terms of defining the ceiling framework.

4. Invites those in charge of the project to continue looking for the required rare koki wood, in the original sections, to complete the ceiling.

5. Asks that, when the decor is done in the future, several different woodcarvers be called upon, which will result in certain variations in the overall finished product.

6. Confirms the previous recommendations made at the 25th technical session regarding variation in the width of the wood beams, fitting the configuration of the ceiling into the deformations of the stone supporting ledges, the artificial ageing of the carved decor using sand blasting and achieving a final patina using a whitewash treatment.