Tourism Management Plan(TMP):

Congratulates the TMP team for having recruited twenty-one temple managers, and encourages the APSARA National Authority Training Centre to conduct specific training sessions in relation to World Heritage Site management in order to provide them with the necessary occupational skills for this project;

Congratulates the APSARA National Authority for creating a new website dedicated to visitors, which is designed to provide practical information to help them enjoy their visit to the Angkor World Heritage and to highlight new thematic tour itineraries;

Congratulates the TMP team for removing 452 advertising signboards from the Angkor Park and for closing off the Ta Kev gate of Angkor Thom to all four-wheel vehicles by erecting traffic barriers;

Welcomes the fact that bicycle lanes are being designed in the park and that one part has already been completed between the Bayon and Angkor Wat temples, and encourages the completion of bicycle lanes throughout the park, as well as the completion of an overall traffic plan for different vehicle types such as buses, cars, tuk-tuks and bicycles;

Congratulates the APSARA National Authority for installing new ticketing facilities but urges that they assess precisely how long it takes visitors to buy their tickets during the different time slots of the day and during the peak and off-peak tourist seasons in order to obtain useful information regarding any necessary extension of the present facility as well as the possible construction of new car parks;

Encourages the APSARA National Authority to show a code of conduct and behaviour video clip to tourists at the entrance of the new ticket centre;

Recommends that the proceeds from the entrance ticket price increase be used primarily to finance the investment needed to improve the quality of the visitors’ experience, to strengthen human resources and to develop an online ticket sales strategy;