Angkor Wat balusters:

Given the first attempts undertaken, the ad hoc group of experts:
1. Expresses its satisfaction with this program, having repeatedly pointed out its importance and urgency over the past several years.
2. Subscribes to the principles put forward by the APSARA National Authority and the Italia group for the reinforcement of the preserved balusters,
3. Stresses the necessity of reconstructing part of the missing balusters, by making an inventory and collecting the different fragments scattered here and there in the temple and by applying the philosophy that materials coming from a monument must be returned to the monument,
4. Adheres to the principle of making additional new balusters, using sandstone, patterned after the ancient lathed profiles, but without attempting a complete duplication and keeping a certain degree of wear and antiquity in these restored bay openings, observing a balance and harmony with that of other components of the monument.
Given the relatively simple nature of this work, to be phased in over several years based on a master plan, it seems to lend itself particularly well to an early stage of training for junior stone conservators and repairers, before confronting them with more complex issues involving carved decorations.