27TS.14 23PS


14. Phnom Kulen National Park:

Appreciates the efforts of the Ministry of Environment to set a timeframe for the drafting the master plan starting in January 2017 with a UNDP-supported study supported as well as the establishment of a working group involving all the relevant stakeholders;

Invites the Ministry of Environment to make a presentation of the draft master plan at the technical session of ICC-Angkor scheduled in late 2017;

Supports the creation of new protected areas (Community Protected Areas and Archaeological Protected Areas based on the LIDAR survey results) in order to include the remaining undamaged forested areas as well as to enlarge some existing zones; and to take advantage of this project to clarify the responsibilities of each organization;
With that in mind, encourages the Ministry of Environment forest rangers to enforce compliance with the boundaries of the protected areas and to stop any encroachment damaging to the forested areas;

Supports ADF in its quest for a range of solutions to improving the livelihoods and alternative income-generating activities for the local people and encourages it to set up new partnerships to help it achieve that goal.