27TS.11 23PS


11. Preah Pithu:

To develop and round out this project, the ad hoc group of experts puts forward two categories of recommendations:

11.1. With regard to presentation of the site out from the Angkor Thom Royal Plaza, the group again draws to the attention of the APSARA National Authority, which has full jurisdiction here, its previous recommendation on the absolute need to improve the staging of the immediate area surrounding the information booth and Preah Pithu site, including relocation of the vendor stalls in accordance with the Royal Plaza reorganization master plan.

11.2. With regard to work on the built up and open areas on the Preah Pithu site, the group wishes:

11.2.1. To receive by early May 2017 through the ICC Standing Secretariat, the detailed project for treatment of the cruciform terrace on Temple T for which the first phase of restoration is planned, so that its main features can be validated at the next ICC Technical Session, in keeping with the implementation timetable set for the project,
11.2.2. To be able to review with the KOICA team, as far upstream as possible, any proposals that may require review to address the particularly sensitive technical issues regarding stabilization of Temple U in its current state as well as the various possible technical and landscape options being considered for re-establishing the hydraulic system on the site.