27TS.2 23PS


Ta Prohm:

The ad hoc experts recommend:

2.1. Continuation of the work must comply strictly with the same conservation techniques, methods, materials, and philosophy. Any interruption in site management must be avoided so as not to endanger the monuments under threat from heavy impacts of visitors and the natural environment.

2.2. A progress report on the previous phases is to be submitted to the ICC for review of the conservation work results. The new project, spelling out the objectives of the new phase, must also be submitted to the ICC for advice. As the restoration of one of the most popular monuments of Angkor is being handed over to the next generation, it is recommended to take stock of the operations and successful conservation achievements at Angkor by holding a workshop where the practices, techniques, analytical methods, materials, monitoring systems, and relevant data will be presented and discussed in order to establish the most consistent approach to conservation in the Angkor Park.

2.3. At least one expert in the field of stone conservation must be included in the new team. He will be responsible for supervision of sensitive operations involving both in-situ sculptured surfaces and the treatment of stone blocks used in anastylosis.

2.4. The color of joints between original stones must be carefully chosen in order to harmonize the visual appearance of the surface.

2.5. An urgently needed measure is to extend the visiting hours, morning and evening, on this high-traffic site. Management of tourist flows on the site must be well coordinated with the traffic spaces and flows just outside the enclosure. That is particularly true with regard to the anastylosis project on the south gate.

2.6. The bas-reliefs on lower walls in narrow passageways are under threat of disappearing due to the heavy flows of tourists who rub against the stone surfaces. Appropriate protection measures must be implemented as soon as possible.

2.7. Two trees inside the Hall of Dancers should be kept, in implementation of the previously adopted ICC recommendation, while the small bushes on the structure may be removed.

2.8. The ad hoc experts recognize the significance of the excavation project proposed by the Indian team on the external perimeters of the Hall of Dancers and recommend that the APSARA National Authority activate the procedures for approval to be given for the work.