27TS 23PS


General recommendations

The ICC:

– Expresses its satisfaction with the initiative taken by the APSARA National Authority to hold an information gathering meeting with the international teams on February 1, 2016. Taking account of the importance of regularly reporting on each activity, this meeting was intended to develop transparency, accountability for, and knowledge-sharing on the conservation, restoration, and research projects taking place on the historic site of Angkor. The ICC-Angkor recommends that this initiative be repeated on a regular basis;

– Expresses also its satisfaction with the APSARA National Authority’s initiative to hold a seminar on the theme of Phnom Kulen on June 24, 2016, which was facilitated by the Japanese Co-chair of the technical session. Holding particularly this seminar enabled the experts and international teams to engage in more focused discussions on the common technical challenges relating to conservation, restoration, and development, which is in line with the ICC-Angkor general reform process. ICC-Angkor recommends that another thematic seminar be contemplated in connection with upcoming ICC-Angkor sessions;

– Expresses furthermore its satisfaction with the current effort to implement the Tourism Management Plan in order to cope with the increasing number of tourists visiting the site, while maintaining favorable conditions for the conservation of the archeological sites and the environment in general. The ICC-Angkor recommends that updated information concerning the progress made in rolling out the Tourism Management Plan be shared with all those concerned;

– Expresses at the end its satisfaction with the finalization of the data gathering and analysis in the framework of the LIDAR project. The ICC-Angkor recommends that the findings of this project be widely shared by the specialists engaged in conservation and sustainable development activities so that they can also be used to further the ongoing comprehensive research into the history of dynasties that reigned at Angkor. The ICC-Angkor also recommends that the data and software analysis systems be introduced to the ICC-Angkor and made it available to the different partners, in particular the APSARA National Authority and its relevant departments.