27TS.3 23PS


Preah Khan:

3.1. Southern Library, Eastern Section:

3.1.1. The dead tree on the Southern Library, Eastern Section, should be removed by cutting it into smaller pieces. As the roots of the huge stump are wedged into the structure, cutting and removal of the tree should be done with minimum mechanical impact on the structure on which it had grown and on the western wall adjacent to the Hall of Dancers. Much caution will also be needed when removing the roots which reach deep into the structure. Removal of the old concrete props and wooden supports should also be carried out with the utmost care. For these interventions, we recommend that appropriate reinforcement be applied, using wooden shoring within the structure.

3.1.2. The restoration project and its timetable, as submitted to the ad hoc experts, are adequate and suitable for this severely damaged structure. The partial dismantling and reassembly of the redone laterite foundation, completed on the eastern half where considerable soil subsidence is observed, must comply with the principles of restoration and the philosophy of minimum intervention. Pins and clamps should be inserted only if necessary from a structural point of view. The ad hoc experts recommend that the work be started and request that they receive a progress report for the next ICC.

3.2. South Entrance of Shiva Complex:

3.2.1. The original stone lintel found on the western courtyard floor is to be reset in its original position. A pair of columns made of new stone will have to be added to support the lintel.

3.2.2. The heavy pediment leaning out of the southern façade must be dismantled and reassembled.

The ad hoc experts recommend that bridge shoring be put in prior to the dismantling to secure the operation and immediate area. The bridge shoring, made of horizontal beams with oblique braces forming an X, is to be put between the pediment to be dismantled and the opposite one, in order to exert a counterforce between the two pediments. The shoring should preferably be covered by a roof.