27TS.4 23PS


4. Angkor Thom: Naga Balustrade on the Dai Chhnang gate:

4.1. Anastylosis is to be carried out, removing traces of the earlier concrete restoration work now decayed, as well as all the ageing concrete components that have a negative impact on the structure. The iron clamps, subject to rusting, must be removed and, where necessary, replaced by stainless steel dowels.

4.2. Archaeological excavation and survey operations are to be carried out by an APSARA National Authority team to find and collect scattered or buried components for reuse in the anastylosis operation. While this is going on, it is recommended that the concrete chunks spilled onto the northern bank of the moat be removed. Excavations should be carried out in this area as well.

4.3. Prior to undertaking the final anastylosis operation, a trial reassembly should be done to verify the preciseness of the work and stability of the structures.

4.4. The addition of new sandstone must be limited to structural needs to support the balustrade and sculptured décor.

4.5. The base slabs of the balustrade are slightly lower than the surface of the bridge passageway. In some parts, certain slabs are missing entirely, lowering levels even more. If some missing slabs are found during the archaeological operations recommended in point 2, then they are to be put back in place. Otherwise, the lower levels should be left in its current state, with monitoring implemented to detect any problem relating to water runoff.