27TS.5 23PS


5. Bantey Srei:

5.1. The signage should be at a scale in harmony with the cultural landscape of the site and take traditions into account. The ad hoc experts prefer the third option, the traditional “Sema” shape of stone slabs found around Buddhist temples. The material must be sandstone. The height the of the sign may differ slightly according to the location selected, from 1.2 m to 1.5 m, but a similar shape is to be kept. The name of the monument with the UNESCO and World Heritage logos appears on the surface of the sign and, wherever possible, the date of the monument’s construction should be added.

5.2. Reconstruction of the side doorway of the east gopura was dealt with in a previous recommendation. Since the mortar used between laterite blocks can be removed, it is recommended that the blocks be cleaned and the mortar joints removed.
5.3. In the implementation of an earlier recommenda¬tion, reconstruction of the south-east corner of the enclosure is now underway. Here, however, we again find similar clay and mortar joints put in between the laterite blocks. The mortar must be removed. For the reconstruction, we recommend that the subtle but well visible ripples of the wall following the gentle curve of the substructure be retained.

5.4. In the previous recommendation regarding the site lapidarium, it was requested that the zoning of the site be studied to provide the basic information to decide where it would be located. The ad hoc experts again recommend that the zoning plan be made. Sculptures and artifacts on the ground outside the southern enclosure should quickly be housed in a safe place even before the construction of the lapidarium.