27TS.8 23PS


8. Angkor Wat: Ceiling of the Churning Gallery project:

Based on the latest sample produced, the ad hoc group of experts:

8.1. Recalls the still valid previous recommen¬dations 9.1 to 9.4 made at the 25th Technical Session on December 25, 2015.

8.2. Recommends, for the ceiling work, the use of wooden members that are not too consistent among themselves, even having natural cracks or irregularities.

8.3. Stresses the need to further roughen the carving to make it more in line with the original fragment kept at Guimet Museum.

8.4. To achieve the desired matching, recommends that, based on the latest sample panel submitted, it be given a sharply more aged appearance by a rougher sanding operation, blasting from a greater distance with stronger pressure and using coarser sand.

8.5. Validates the final patina tests presented of which the final hue is very successfully achieved.