9. Ta Prohm:

The group of experts recommended further discussion take place regarding stone conservation in coordination with the other expert teams working at Angkor in order to promote an exchange of scientific experience and data regarding the sensitive issues of stone diseases in tropical climates, weathering, consolidation and use of products that provide better results long-term. An initial workshop on this subject was held by APSARA National Authority on June 16, 2017.

It is also recommended to clear the passageway between the south wall of the Hall of Dancers and the enclosing wall, taking into account and documenting the substrate of this zone. The architecture fragments from collapses are to be inventoried and conserved for possible restoration work. The zone should be covered over again without changing the visitor itinerary or putting in a “window” that would expose a component of the laterite floor.

Finally, the group of experts recommends that a wrap-up document be prepared and submitted to the ICC covering all operations performed to date. It will highlight the choice of preserving and restoring part of the Hall of Dancers and leaving the collapsed part of the hall both for documentary reasons and a way of recalling the condition in which it was found prior to intervention operations by the Indian expert team and likewise to enable future generations of archaeologists and conservators to consider another approach.