29TS.12 24PS


12. Rescue archaeological work around the Angkor Wat south and north basins:

The group of experts repeats the recommendations made at the 28th technical session on June 22, 2017** that continue to be fully relevant. It is therefore requested that the Secretariat add them to the recommendations of this session for the record and the follow up.

Stresses the need to put a curbing around the two north and south ponds that will frame the inner causeway of the western access, doing so after completing the test pits and in the same way, recalls the need to dredge the ponds.

Stresses the importance of regularly maintenance of the conducts that drains accumulating rainwater away from the lower parts of the temple and that could hinder visitor movement.

Also points out that urgent action is needed to do something about the abandoned shed once used to showcase the Italian project implemented by I.G.e.S, as was mentioned at the previous session.


** refers to the recommendation of 28TS.2:

The ad hoc group of experts looked the situation over and recommends that APSARA National Authority:

1. Dredge out both basins to their original depth to allow the groundwater table to naturally maintain the desired level, even during the dry season.

It should be kept in mind that although archaeological investigations done a few years ago on the south basin did not reveal any significant archaeological potential, a similar survey is required of the north basin.

2. It is to be expected that the dredging operation will expose the laterite steps surrounding the basins. It is assumed they were originally topped with a limestone lip or coping. The condition of those structures must be diagnosed, then a program developed to consolidate and restore them.

3. To this end, by the next ICC session, with the support of the ad hoc group of experts, have the initial surveying and dredging work done to enable a better analysis of the nature, layout and condition of the infrastructure currently under the ground and/or water.

4. If restoring the steps is not sufficient to support visitors and photographers who stand to the west of the basins, provide ground reinforcement immediately to the west of them in the form of a laterite chip pathway able to withstand the localized foot traffic…etc.