29TS.13 24PS


13. Ta Keo temple:

The ad hoc group of experts recommends to the Chinese team, now that the Ta Keo temple project is nearing completion:

a) To provide to the APSARA National Authority with full documentation regarding the operations completed as well as publish a brochure for the public at large,

b) To prepare a third think-tank session under the umbrella of the APSARA National Authority and ICC-Angkor covering all the work done on Ta Keo in order to tap into the methodology followed and solutions recommended, meanwhile engaging in ongoing dialogue with the experts.

c) To submit to the APSARA National Authority and the ICC-Angkor Secretariat a plan for following up and monitoring the now consolidated structures on Ta Keo temple, notably the upper sections.

d) To consider a follow-up project for the safeguarding and consolidation of the sculptured décor while also looking into any technical solution to control the fast degradation process and prevent the total loss of the said decor.