29TS.16 24PS


16. North Baray:

Recalling the ten years ago, water poured into the North Baray. The resulting environmental change should be monitored. As the Baray is now filled with water, the APSARA National Authority is making plans to rehabilitate the ancient waterway from the North Baray to the Angkor Thom moat. The purpose of the intervention is to 1) raise the water level in the Angkor Thom moat to an appropriate level and 2) rehabilitate the ancient North Baray canals.

As far as the conservation of monuments is concerned, the ad hoc experts appreciate the project in that the ancient outlet of the waterway on the southern dike is preserved with minimum restoration. As the projected waterway follows the ancient course, archaeological excavation should be done in the appropriate zone prior to the intervention.

As already clearly expressed in the Angkor Charter, recalls the principle of “archaeology first, then intervention” should be observed in all worksites.