29TS.17 24PS


17. Western Baray:

The site visit to this place with Dr. HANG Peou was the first one after the emergency construction of the waterway (spillway). The spillway was constructed in 2013 with reinforced concrete because the sudden increase in the water level threatened the village located to the south of the Baray. We recognize that this intervention was inevitable and urgent to save the inhabitants from a natural disaster. It was timely and avoided human losses.

Considering the inside the Baray, along the dikes of the Baray and outside the banks of Baray, the archaeological potential is very high,

Recommends that prior to any rehabilitation or restoration work, a preventive archeology operation needs to be considered to preserve any archaeological potential. The corner of the dike was left worn and eroded. This erosion may narrow the dike, so heavy rain may threaten the authenticity and integrity of this heritage.

It is therefore recommended that:

a) Prior to the hydraulic intervention, archaeological investigation should be carried out — except in the event of emergencies — along the dike to document any cultural and archaeological property there.

b) Considering the future necessity of the large-scale urgent intervention regarding the water management, rescue archaeology operations should be carried out especially along the Baray dikes.

c) Restoration/rehabilitation intervention should only be carried out after archaeological investigation and documentation of the relevant area. A detailed technical intervention plan is to be submitted by the APSARA National Authority to the ICC ad hoc experts prior to implementation.