29TS.23 24PS


23. Demolition of illicit constructions:

1. Congratulates the APSARA National Authority for carrying out the program of dismantling recent illegal constructions.

2. Recommends, to consider the implementation of another dismantling program for more ancient illegal buildings located in sensitive areas.

3. Recommends the preparation and implementation of an action plan to prevent any illegal construction in zones 1 and 2 in the future.

4. Invites, in this perspective, the APSARA National Authority to carry out an inventory of all documentation, including satellite images, related to land use (habitats, commercial uses, agricultural areas, etc.), since the date of inscription in the World Heritage;

5. Also invites the APSARA National Authority to establish a mapped reference situation to assess the property pressure areas since the inscription on the World Heritage List in order to establish a long-term strategy.