29TS.5 24PS


5. Ta Prohm:

The ad hoc expert group is very concerned over the condition of certain situations affecting some of the most significant points of the tree heritage found in the temple and:

a) Appreciates particularly the quality of the studies carried out by the Archaeological Survey of India and invites the team to update as a matter of urgency its 2007–2008 tree inventory, to be completed by additional mapping and make a list of losses sustained over the last ten or so years. Thus to better understand the evolution and current overall condition of the remaining tree cover and prepare for a likely future program of tree-trimming and one-off felling.

b) Given the worsening of the risks involved, recommends that the APSARA National Authority close the temple in the event of severe weather conditions (violent windstorms or thunderstorms).

c) Finally, recommends that the Indian team put in place as soon as possible, measures for the protection, shoring up of preventive care and surveillance of the trees suffering the most from the overwhelming tourist presence (graffiti on the trunks, trampling of the roots, etc.). The constant increase in tourists is bound to accelerate the loss of these tree-covered monuments, so few in number but so great in value, sometimes more in danger than the strictly architectural features on which they grow.

d) The ad hoc group of experts also confirms its favorable opinion:

– For the reassembly, by anastylosis, the South Gallery of the Salle des Dancers, except for the two spans retaining the large trees.

– The implementation of archaeological investigations south of the South Gallery.

In either case, special care should be given to the careful preservation of the roots of trees on these rights-of-way.