29TS.8 24PS


8. Bakong :

Further to the visit, the adhoc expert group:

1. Congratulates both teams, the stone conservation, and restoration of the brick works of the National Authority APSARA for the quality of the work done.

2. In view of the completion of the reassembly of the foundations and steps of the monumental door, gives a favorable opinion to the reconstruction of the two pilasters framed by bricks and to the renovation of the two sandstone columns, too degraded and fragmented to play an effective supporting role. These must first be restored to their original general mold, before a decision can be made on the possible restitution of their carved decoration, on the advice of the ad hoc group of experts,

3. For carved, restored lintel, recommends to restore to its original form-now too fragile to support these initial loads-and thus advises to replace its original wooden support beam, now disappeared with a stainless steel beam, able to relieve the charges,

4. For the sub-lintel of the monolithic doorframe, recommends to purge the current cement and iron bar fittings, in order to check for possible resistance, and to implement a more satisfactory final repair.