1. Western section of Western Baray southern dike edge and Prasat Ak Yum site

The recommendations that the experts group wishes to outline regarding the Western Baray and Ak Yum site are exactly the same as those submitted at the December 2017 ICC session as they are still valid. The following recommenda-tions round them out:

a) Make enough budget available to cover archae-ological research work and consolidation of the existing structures at Ak Yum, one of the oldest temples of the Angkor zone;

b) Recalls that all works to be carried out on the dike must imperatively take into consideration the preventive archaeological rescue excavation;

c) Take appropriate measures to prevent unauthor-ized cutting of trees located on the edge and right on the west dike, for their roots play a vital role in earth retention;

d) In the light of the future works, be sure that work is thoroughly documented to gain in-depth insight about the dike through stratigraphic layers and prior archaeological diagnosis.