12. Road project inside the Phnom Kulen National Park (PKNP):

1. Notes with satisfaction that the width of the road is now following the recommended standard of 6 meters (excluding the trenches on each side, for a total width of 10 to 12 m. max) and that it will be carried on and supports the work engaged to improve the practicability of the road within Anlong Thom village without widening it ;

2. Recommends a forest inventory to identify the most remarkable and rare trees as well as major rocks while the works continue so as to choose on which size to enlarge the road and to preserve as much as possible the aesthetic and exceptional shaded atmosphere of the Phnom Kulen and to avoid the further destruction of rocks;

3. Will follow with attention at the next session the bypasses to be established to preserve the Archaeological sites;

4. Recommends archaeological preventative operations for the sites identified by the LIDAR, and located on the track of these by-passes;

5. Recommends, because of the geological features of the eastern slope of the Kulen Mountain chain composed of strongly weathered siliceous sandstone with fresh massive sandstone blocks, detecting possibilities of landslides and falling rocks along the eastern slope route.