3. Run Ta Ek Eco-Village:

  1. Notes with satisfaction that the recommendations have been fully taken into account, while recalling the duty of vigilance on the original concept of the project in the implementation of coming actions in order to set up an alive and sustainable village, on social and economic components, respecting the local environment;
  2. Recommends that a diversification of agricultural products outside of moringa be envisaged to ensure economic sustainability to the Run Ta Ek village, e.g. by other perennial adapted crops and by disseminating the outputs of the Chinese project on vegetables growing in order to improve (i) the household diets as well as (ii) cash crops provided a relevant marketing system to regularly supply booths at the marketplace with a convenient transportation for such perishable products;
  3. Recommends the APSARA National Authority to reconsider the irrigation system of the eco-village in order to sustain stable agricultural production.