15. Antenna Network in Angkor Wat Area (Improving 4G Service Coverage in and around Angkor Archaeological Park)

Following the field visit and discussions with the Cambodian colleagues and thanking them for their understanding of the various constraints, recommends:

a) Before digging for foundations of the 30 to 40-metre high pylons, to undertake preventive archaeological research in order to make sure that any finding of archaeological interest, if any, is protected;

b) To pay attention to the kind of vegetal “camouflage” used at the top of the towers as well as to the color of the towers;

c) To implement this project with flexibility and continuous exchange of technical and scientific data. Taking into account how quickly things change in telecommunications technology, perhaps fewer antennas would be needed in the future for the same level of coverage;

d) In addition, and after carefully considering the antenna implementation map, to pay great attention to the location of the antenna CTL 08 planned to be settled inside East Baray near the populated Pradak Village area and that a special effort be made to find a more appropriate location.