3. Detour road near Terrace of the Elephants

Having considered the initiative taken by the AP-SARA National Authority to close the road next to the Terrace of the Elephants and Terrace of the Leper King and open an alternative road with no sidewalk along the edge of the Prasat Suor Prat towers as an initial corrective measure, recom-mends:

a) To undertake an overall study of the traffic and parking layout in the monument zone from the Bayon to the northern gate of Angkor Thom. That study could be submitted at an upcoming ICC meeting. It should be carried out by a multidisci-plinary team comprised of a traffic engineer, an archaeologist, an architect, a landscape specialist, a representative of TMP (Tourism Management Plan) etc.;

b) To look into putting in one or more parking lots, depending on available space for that pur-pose, archaeological constraints duly considered, for the parking of vehicles and trailers (Tuk Tuk);

c) To contemplate a step-by-step process to en-tirely free up the Central Square or Royal Place of any parking and all traffic, except for electric shuttle vehicles that take visitors from the parking lots up to the Central Square. This would include the putting in of one or more parking lots for ve-hicles and trailers (tuk-tuks);

d) To take advantage of implementing the said traffic plan for this zone to clear out the selling and food outlet spaces that are currently located far too close to Preah Pithu temple, scene of a restoration operation conducted jointly by the APSARA National Authority and the Republic of Korea experts team.