4. Bayon Temple

Recalling the recommendation submitted at the December 2017 ICC, the ICC-Angkor recommends:

  1. To undertake an analysis of tourist flows at the Bayon  and to implement the management of those flows, reorganizing visitors arrival through the real entrance to the temple, the Eastern Gate, and then exit via the other gates. As is now being done at Phnom Bakheng, consideration could be given to setting a visitor quota during peak times;
  2. To consider closing off access to the Third terrace. The justification of that move for tour operators would be the operations that the APSARA National Authority and JASA will be undertaking on the central tower. That information should get to tour operators a few months upstream so that it can be conveyed in a timely manner in tourist brochures and the media;
  3. To look into the possibility for the APSARA National Authority to undertake a conservation program for the structures of the Bayon, in cooperation with JASA, as expressed previously regarding the central tower and its base;
  4. To begin preparing for an international symposium for late 2018 or mid-2019, highlighting the experience acquired in the Bayon restoration project and proposals for future activities;
  5. To give consideration to the significance of the Bayon temple in local religious tradition and be sure that restoration techniques also take into account the intangible value of the monument;
  6. With regard to the excavations work on the western perimeter of the Bayon, to undertake the pursuit of this work for a few more months in order to identify the nature of the findings made during these excavations in collaboration with JASA.