5. Archaeological rescue work on northern pond surrounding inner causeway of western access of Angkor Wat

  1. Further to the recommendations submitted at the last two ICC sessions, recommends that this zone continue to be developed, firstly by cleaning out the pond, secondly by filling in the upper curbstone, using as a reference for the ground level a culvert put in by the EFEO in the mid-1900s;
  2. Also, to move forward with the archaeological survey work by expanding it southward so as to possibly locate evidence of the curbstone and steps leading to the pond, as was demonstrated in the course of operations near the south Pond;
  3. Invites, for the next ICC session, the APSARA National Authority to submit a project with all components for both the northern and southern Ponds development work so as to have consistency in the work done to showcase these two significant features of architectural specificity in Angkor Wat.