At the 29th Technical Session (December 13, 2017), the ICC-Angkor having drawn to the at-tention of the APSARA National Authority to a number of constraints currently confronting the ANGKOR site as a result of the success it is en-joying with an ever-growing number of tourists coming to Cambodia:

1. Reiterates the recommendations made at that 29th Technical Session. They remain current and totally relevant and requests to the ICC secretari-at to remind the APSARA National Authority of those recommendations, sparing no details.

2. Suggests to the APSARA National Authority to give all due attention to the issues caused by:

a) the broad spatial expansion of selling and food outlets in immediate proximity to the most popu-lar temples;

b) the uncontrolled parking of various means of transportation used to get onto the site and move about on it;

c) the unusual buildup of visitors, notably at the entrance to and inside the most popular monu-ments.

3. Recommends, focusing on the APSARA Na-tional Authority:

a) that an enhanced approach to management of visitor flows be implemented;

b) that based on a multidisciplinary study a man-agement plan for ANGKOR THOM be devel-oped, proposing urgent measures and mid- and long-term solutions to the problems of access, traffic movement and parking of vehicles. Not to be overlooked is preservation of the cultural land-scape.