31TS.3 25PS


3. Angkor Wat causeway:

It was noted during the visit of the group of experts on the 1st of December 2018 and in the presence of the SOPHIA University team and APSARA and in accordance with the request made at the previous session that the work was done on a sample span. Here, the Sophia team puts in place a reinforced concrete panel; carefully poured and vibrated to consolidate the front wall of the causeway and to link it with the additional punctual reinforcements.

Therefore it is proposed:

1) To validate the prototype and recommends that the consolidation continue on the rest of the causeway;

2) To request the Sophia University team to:
i. Fill in the causeway as planned by reusing as much as possible stone blocks found in the backfill, taking care to ensure a uniform load on the footing of the concrete panel;

ii. Verify that the structural calculations have duly considered all scenarios corresponding to variations both in the water level of the moat and dike;

iii. Ensure that an expansion joint is put in between the newly built section and the section treated earlier, in order to avoid negative impacts from the inevitable settling differentials. A careful study of the stone slab surface should therefore be kept in mind.