31TS.5 25PS


5. Preah Pithu Temple:

The ad hoc group of experts:

a) Recommends that the APSARA National Authority takes urgent appropriate measures to relocate the ever-extending array of shops, with the large amount of garbage they produce, as they seriously threaten the integrity of this exceptional site. A land-use plan around the temple complex must be developed, closely linked to the land-use master plan around the Royal Plaza.

b) Although appreciating the submission of the Korean team’s report providing details on Phase 1 of the project, the ad hoc group recommends that the Korean team again clarifies the principle for Phase 2 of the conservation based on the experience of Phase 1. Those points were mentioned in the 30th technical session recommendations. In addition to the above, there is a lack of clarity or evidence study regarding the details of restored portions, for example their consistency with neighboring portions. There are some cases where newly inserted modified figures could be mistakenly believed original.

c) Recommends urgently to install appropriate countermeasures to support the structure of the eastern gate of Temple “T”.

d) Recommends that the size/shape, materials and column locations of a shelter that the Korean team plans to install as a shelter over the restoration site be examined (commonly used in Korea to protect spaces in case of inclement weather). Its harmonization with the landscape should be examined as well.