The ad hoc group of experts expresses its deep appreciation to the World Monuments Fund, celebrating its 30th anniversary at the time of the current ICC session. It also commends its experts for their major contribution and good work done, notably on Phnom Bakheng temple, and the good results achieved in restoring and conserving the damaged sections, inspired by the principles outlined in the main doctrinal texts covering the field of conservation (Charter of Venice, Nara Document on Authenticity and Angkor Charter).

a) The ad hoc group of experts recommends accordingly that the same principles that have guided operations to date continue to be applied in the successive phases of restoration work on this temple.

b) The ad hoc group of experts expresses its satisfaction with the spirit of cooperation prevailing between the World Monuments Fund experts and the junior experts from the APSARA National Authority, enabling the latter—tomorrow’s experts—to gain ever sounder experience on the ground.
c) The ad hoc group of experts recommends beefing up a number of minor measures to ensure the safety of the high number of visitors to this temple, among other things putting lightly compacted sand into the old post holes of the temple’s upper platform to avoid accidents.

d) Finally, the ad hoc group of experts recommends that consolidation and maintenance operations be continued on the brick towers around the temple.