The ad hoc group of experts appreciates the implementation of conservation measures following up on past recommendations and recommends that:
a) The method of structural consolidation of the sandstone columns at the eastern façade of Tower No. 7, which supports the well-preserved lintel, be examined.
b) The results of past interventions on the site and similar examples be studied to chalk out the method to be used for upcoming restoration work, especially the struts used to consolidate the lintels.
c) Options be studied to maintain the stucco figures repaired and consolidated at their original positions to avoid further decay caused by their exposed state.
d) Ways of finishing added brick/stone members be studied to differentiate them from and harmonize them with original ones.

e) The treatment and maintenance of plinths on the main structure of tower bases be studied upstream from reinforcement work. Deformations causing cracks in structural members, gaps between such members as well as scaling of the decors, might be related to subsidence of plinths.