The ad hoc group of experts:
a) Expresses its satisfaction with the work done by the APSARA National Authority teams to consolidate and restore the brick masonry on the southern library, with identical replacement of the bricks and partial repair of the floor. However, it notes that fungus has grown more extensively on the new brickwork, undoubtedly due to use of a new material having a different porosity. A study of the composition of those bricks, how they were baked, and the mortar used to hold them, could help limit the fungus growth in the future.
b) Given the failing and ageing of the stucco work on the brick facings on the central and south towers, proposes that further consolidation work be done and that the cracks be closed, conducted by GACP teams.
c) Notes the decline of the carved brick lintel without stucco on the western façade of the northwest tower and the need to set it back up and protect it where it stands.
d) Notes the presence of polychromy inside the southwest tower, which must also be protected where it stands.
e) Requests implementation of the project to consolidate the remains of the eastern entrance – the symbolic entrance to the temple – with partial reassembly of the masonry work, protection of the floor and remains of the pavement and thresholds by putting in a plank walkway making it easier for visitors to pass through the area.
f) Repeats its request for a study of the roadway in the immediate proximity of the eastern entrance of the temple to see if it can be offset or narrowed and if a parking lot can be put in on the other side of the road to better highlight the temple entrance and prevent vehicles from parking near the entrance, making things safer for visitors.