Given the historical and architectural significance of this temple, the ad hoc group of experts has a very positive impression of the initiative taken by the APSARA national Authority to give priority to protecting and consolidating its three towers. The group therefore recommends:
a) Making a detailed study of the structure to determine exactly where the areas of weakness lie, more particularly on the northern tower. It is requested that work be done under the protection of an on-site bubble.
b) Analyzing the effect of the shoring put in back in 2004 and checking how the cables are holding and how effective they are.
c) Putting in drainage to avoid water accumulation in the foundations of the three towers.
d) Using the experience acquired by the APSARA National Authority and GACP, notably on the Bakong, to undertake a systematic consolidation program for the brick structures and their decorative elements.
e) Noting the urgent need to brace up the western face of the northern tower, given the fact that the wooden shoring put in earlier is rotting away.